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About Us Hero


In the 1950s, Mr. Jaime Jorba, Sr. built a name for himself as a founding partner in the establishment of a bread company in Mexico called Panificacion Bimbo. By the 1980s, this once small bakery had become one of the largest bakeries in the world. Mr. Jorba Sr, wanted to capitalize on his good fortune and invested in real estate across the globe.

Mr. Jorba Sr invested in real estate assets throughout the country and paid special attention to the state of Texas because of its economic climate and investment opportunities. Many of the assets he purchased are still owned by the multinational group, which is now being managed by the third generation of Jorbas.

Over the years, other private investors were invited to partner with the Jorba family and soon the group found the need to form Creu Capital. Creu Capital serves those seeking stability, preservation of value, and the ability to diversify their investments through the profitability of land development and ownership. Our clients include high net worth individuals, firms, and institutions—domestic and international.

Our Legacy and History


The Journey Begins

Jaime Jorba, Sr. migrates to Mexico from Spain in search of a better tomorrow. BIG Dreams.


His First Business

Jamie opens an import business, bringing in goods from all over the world to sell in Mexico. He travels around the country selling goods out of his truck


The War

The United States joins World War II, forcing all goods to be redirected towards the war effort. Jaime has a hard time finding goods to sell.